Funny Passover T-Shirts

Passover is almost here, and for those who celebrate the holiday, why not do it in style, with a T-shirt for yourself or your children, basking in holiday spirit?

Afikomen Hunter Passover Shirt

funny Afikomen Passover shisrtThe time to search for the afikomen is probably the best moment of Passover dinner as a kid who can’t wait for the adults to stop reading the Haggadah. And even if your child isn’t old enough to be lifting cushions and looking under books, it’s too cool of an item to pass over. The afikomen shirt & onesie are available here.

Got Matzah Ball Soup


funny passover Matzah Ball Soup

For those who maintain the Kosher-ess of Passover, it can be quite a vexing few days. But some things do make the devoutness worth it, like matzah ball soup. Wearing this t-shirt makes everyone know you’re looking for your next fix. You can get it here.

The Wise Dad T-Shirt

passover funny shirt WISE DAD T SHIRT

No one is smarter than the father of the family, you should know by now. However, some people, like the wife or children, need a reminder now and then. This is why the shirt was made. You can get it for $24.70

Personalized Passover Shirt For Babies

Passover personalized shirt

If you’re looking to add your child’s name to a cool looking Passover shirt (sizes range from newborn to 2T), you can get it here and feel proud everyone knows how you named one of your children.

Darth Seder Shirt

darth seder funny passover shirt

For those Star Wars fans who can’t help themselves but let everyone know what their biggest obsession is, even during a holiday that has nothing to do with a Galaxy Far, Far away, the Darth Seder shirt if perfect. You can get it here.

Keep Calm &  Eat Kosher

funny passover shirts

Shirts keep telling us to keep calm and do something these days, and it’s no different during Passover: Forget your craving for bread and stick to that flat, crunchy thing with holes in it. The shirt helps keep those with you on the righteous path. You can get it here.

It’s Going To Be a Long SEDER

Best Passover Gifts

You can get this one here.

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