Powerslice Multi-Gadget Charger from Fuse [Hands on Review]

Back at CES 2011 we saw many different accessories for the huge number of various gadgets each of us own. Through all the smoke and mirrors of many repetitive releases, there are some that aim more at practicality rather then bright colors and making noise out of nothing. One of those is the Powerslice Multi-Gadget charger from Fuse. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one of these Powerslices and try out the simplistic but practical device for ourselves.

powerslice multi gadget charger

The Powerslice is a simple gadget dock that will provide a one stop, clutter free area to charge up-to four different gadgets. It aims to organize your desk and grant a space that your different charging needs could be fulfilled without taking more room, adding more wires, dealing with annoying adapters and in the end keeping it really simple.

gadget charger powerslice review

Powerslice consists of a circular dock as seen in the images with 4 “slices” that could be interchanged to your specific gadget needs. Since each person has different gadgets, you pick the slices needed to combine and create your ultimate charging dock. It could be made up of Apple connectors, a Mini USB, a Micro USB, a Samsung connector, LG or others which are offered. Our test unit included an Apple connector, Mini and Micro USB, which was extremely useful for the various Smartphones our staff owns. In turn, the Powerslice made for a connecting hub for a few of us to use, where we could always remember where we left our phones at.

Our views on the Powerslice:

No one can deny that the Powerslice is practical. For the ultimate geek with their pockets or knapsack filled with the different gadgets, smartphones, wires and more, it is a tool that can save them room, headache and desktop clutter easily. Moreover, it only uses one source to power up the Powerslice and charge the different products, so you also save room in your wall outlet for other important peripherals you may have had to Mickey Mouse with before. When testing it out with our different gadgets, we did notice it was sturdy and held up the different units in place with no worries, but it only uses the connector to do so. This could raise a problem for those who attach heavy cases or accessories to their gadgets, but even if that did pose a problem of holding them in place, it isn’t something that cannot be remedied by taking off that heavy accessory.

powerslice charger image

The Powerslice dock runs for only $44.99 with each slice at $9.99. With each geek’s different needs, you can select just the slices you need and create yourself the Charging dock of your dreams.

Besides the practical and effective Multicharger dock, Fuse also provides affordable gadgets for the mobile Geek, including the InTune Earphones which are aimed for the Genre you prefer. As Fuse mentions, each music type requires different strengths and emphasis, such as Rap with extra Bass, and Classical, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Country with different requirements, so should the earphones provide for your preference. The InTune Earphones models are specialized for the specific Music Genre and at only $24.99, make it affordable to have your favorite music receive the extra emphasis it requires.

intune earphone fuse