Sexually Transformed Princess Avengers

The Avengers, despite a female here and there, are mostly a male dominated superhero group. So, in order to mix it up a little, ChristopherStoll decided to take advantage of the Disney – Marvel connection and give a few famous Avengers members a nice princessy kind of touch.

Captain Native America

Pocohantos getting an upgrade from being a star of a feature film by Disney to the man who is the leader of the Avengers, also a movie by Disney, after they acquired Marvel. According to the artist, to bring across both the position of Captain America as the leader of the group, and Pocahontas’ willpower and self-sacrifice. Ultimately, to try and make her look empowered.

Jasmine Iron(wo)man

According to the artist, This one was a series of design challenges and difficult decisions regarding the character and her position on the page. Ironman’s armor doesn’t lend itself to to characterization, so I needed to reduce it to suit Jasmine’s wardrobe.

Snow Hulk

According to the artist, I ended up going with an unusual mix of features for this one. Marrying the distinct visual styles of the Avenger’s universe with that of Disney’s cartoons is difficult enough, but this one had so many discordant elements that I must have drawn and redrawn it a dozen times before I found anything I liked.

Fa Mulan

Mulan combining with Hawkeye: Unlike most, which show her as more of a damsel or a sexual icon, you caught her true personality in her expression and stance and attire; a true warrior. I also happen to like the fact that you added a flower- a nice little feminine touch, and it reminds me of one of the first and one of the last scenes in the movie.