Paperclip Lamp and PizzaKobra Put Contortionists To Shame

Ever thought that your desk lamp does not provide the best light quality, despite repositioning it again and again? These two lamps may be the answer to your problem.

Not only adults, but also children can be picky when it comes to the way light falls on their universal literature books (well, not anymore, thanks to the Kindle Paperwhite) exercise books. The positions of the following two lamps can be modified in so many different ways, that it is virtually impossible not to be satisfied with them.

The Paperclip Lamp was designed by David Wykes and Benoit Collette of Teague – that global industrial design consultancy that has among its clients such giants as The Boeing Company, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and Panasonic. As the name suggests, this table lamp has exactly the shape of a paper clip, and just because of that, it fits perfectly on any desk. On top of that, it is also eco-friendly, since it features LEDs instead of typical light bulbs, which are bigger, less economical and provide poor quality light.

As an oversized paper clip, this lamp can be extended and positioned in various ways, so that it matches the desires and the needs of whoever has it on the desk. Believe it or not, the Paperclip Lamp was created in 2007, so if you think that it has a futuristic design, imagine what people thought six years ago. This stands to show that things do not need to be overly complex in order to impress you.

PizzaKobra, on the other hand, was designed by Ron Arad and produced by iGuzzini, an Italian company. The concept for this contorting table lamp was created in 2007 and that year it was named one of first 100 best design objects at the London Design Museum. The visitors of the Modern Art Museum in New York will also find this lamp among the exhibits. Besides that, it received the Red Dot Design Award and the first prize of the German magazine AIT.

The following video exemplifies how PizzaKobra can be shaped in various ways to provide the ideal amount of light. Its 6 LEDs are not only very bright, but also very economical. The most important attribute of this lamp, however, remains its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of environments, always providing the best possible light.

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