Bento Box With Tasty Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Tableau

It’s one thing to take pictures of your food when you have fish and chips in front of you, and a totally different thing to shoot bento boxes containing food-art commissioned by Sony.

Hideo Kojima, the famous developer that created and directed the Metal Gear games, went to Sony’s headquarters in Tokyo to celebrate 25 years since the launch of the franchise’s first title. Before that, Sony had announced that the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear and Final Fantasy would be marked with special bento boxes shaped like PlayStation 3 video game consoles. However, the particular meal to be included in the bento boxes remained a secret until the official announcement was made.

It should be noted that these “character bentos” were made for celebrating not only the 25th anniversary of the two aforementioned franchises, but also the long history of the PlayStation consoles, hence the design decision. As seen in the above image, the special character bento boxes came in a cover that looks pretty nice, despite the eye-burning color.

Being involved only in the development of Metal Gear, and not of Final Fantasy, I can understand why Hideo Kojima photographed only the bento box that referred to his game, but I still find his decision a bit selfish. At least he revealed the vegetables that were used for the creation of this delicious tableau.

According to Hideo Kojima, the faces of the three characters were made out of mashed potatoes. Given how realistic those faces actually look, it is hard to believe that. Whoever made these must have spent a lot of time getting not only the design, but also the colors right.

Furthermore, the hair and the beards were made from green onions. The white of the eyes is said to be made of quail eggs, while the irises were colored with tapioca. That is all that the famous game developer has disclosed, but I’m sure that the final list of ingredients is much longer than that.

After stating that the content of the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary bento box was “too good to eat anyway,” Hideo Kojima immortalized the gift he had received from Sony in the new Fox Engine, which will power the nine main entry in the franchise, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Scanning the box and integrating the picture into the engine took two hours, but it will remain there until the end of time, which is not the case for the content of the Metal Gear bento box.

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