Prism 200c: A Backpack For Compulsive Peeping Toms

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to spy on a hot blond taking a shower or else you could, but there will be just a flashing dot on the screen representing the beauty. Not enough perhaps, even for the biggest perverts. It’s never been easy to be a soldier …

This backpack is easy to carry for a single person and should be a great tool for soldiers and SWAT teams. It’s main purpose is peeping, though.

Speaking more seriously, Prism 200c is the newest device in an already known military radars line, though this time it’s supposed to be very convenient. It’s in a form of a backpack and battery powered. It’s enough for a person carrying to lean back against a wall to check what’s happening on the other side. The image is quite simple, persons are represented by small dots and there’s also a possibility to see it in 3D.

The operator can view the image on a laptop computer or other small electronic personal device, like a smartphone, I guess. It definitely gives a very clear idea of how people are located inside the room and shows their movements in real-time. The Prism 200c can see through walls made of wood, concrete or bricks. Scanning is based on ultra-wideband radio frequencies, also known as pulse radio, very difficult to be detected.

There’s a YouTube video presenting how the Prism 200c works. There are three persons in a room and a fourth one coming in, everything represented very clearly on the radar’s screen.

The clever device was developed by Cambridge Consultants, a British consulting company which works in various areas of engineering. Cambridge Consultants are now working on improving the scanning technology which could show also non-animated objects, like weapons.

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Via: Daily Mail / Cambridge Consultants