The Most Realistic Flight Sim Ever?

For those who’ve always wanted to fly but don’t have the time or money to get a pilot’s license, one person has created what he says is the most realistic flight simulator ever.

Even though air travel is mundane nowadays, there’s still something magical about taking to the skies. For most of us, letting someone else fly the plane is the best we can do. Sure, you can fly your own plane, but that takes a lot of training, and most of us are too busy to put the time needed into getting a pilot’s license. Plus, you need to pay for training, and for getting licensed, and then paying for the plane and its maintenance.

So a lot of plane enthusiasts turn to flight simulators on their computers. The most popular is Microsoft Flight Simulator, but Dan Freeman believes they can market a much more realistic alternative. Dubbed “ProFlightSimulator,” he’s hoping dedicated flight enthusiasts will be willing to switch from Microsoft’s offering.

The program, which is available for both Windows and Mac, features over 150 airplanes, from the original Wright Brothers 1903 flyer to the latest modern jetliners. You can take off and land at over 20,000 airports in the world, with detailed scenery.

The weather in the game is also realistic, being based on real-world weather patterns. If it’s raining in the real world at the airport, it’ll be raining in the simulator as well. The game even mimics the real-life seasons. If you fly in the Arctic Circle in the summer, you’ll see 24-hour days, just like in real life. The Web site claims it’s been used by professional pilots and to generate animations in TV shows. It’s certainly looks impressive, and people who are interested can do a 60-day free trial. The package usually costs $99, but for a limited time it will only be $49.

Serious earthbound plane lovers might want to check this one out.