Familiar-looking Prototype Samsung Controller Raises Eyebrows

Samsung is no stranger to accusations on copycatting product designs. This prototype game controller for smart phones yet again raises eyebrows because it closely resembles a Microsoft Xbox 360 controller.

Samsung Controller

Many articles have featured this controversial upcoming design, and many writers have indicated that it does look very familiar. If you would reference to old photos of the 2005-released Xbox 360, you can tell that Samsung does a good job replicating the D-pad shape and even the button colors. One can also note that the left and right analog joysticks positions have been copied as well.

This prototype gaming controller is intended to pair up with the Samsung Galaxy S4, wherein it safely clips on and allows for hassle-free game play. Sources report that this newest addition to the Samsung smart phone family is set to be released by late April 2013 in the US and UK.

If they say that imitation is the best form of flattery, then Microsoft Xbox 360 designers should feel confident that their idea is good enough for Samsung to revive even eight years later.

It can be recalled that Samsung has recently faced legal issues with Apple involving the similarities in the designs of their tablets. However, regarding this prototype Samsung Galaxy S4 controller, Samsung has not yet issued any comments on the allegations of their design mimicking that of Xbox 360’s controller.

Perhaps with the ever-growing popularity of the Xbox and the Kinect, it isn’t a surprise that many want to get their hands on the devices, let alone copy their designs. Which is probably why there are thousands of hacks on the Kinect, enough proof that it’s more than just for playing games.

In any case, if you want to look at some other features that have been inspired by the Xbox and the Kinect, then check out the Kinect controlled robot and the Kinect powered helicopter.

Via The Telegraph