12 Simpsons Reenactments of Famous Photos

If it’s the Woodstock festival or the Americans leaving Saigon during the Vietnam war, almost every famous photo from the last 40-50 years, sometimes even more, has been mentioned or parodied by the Simpsons. Here are the best and most memorable moments of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and other Springfieldians doing their best to imitate real life.

A Window to Woodstock

Young Abe Simpson

Even at Woodstock, Abe Simpson didn’t really have fun.

One Way Ticket

One way ticket

Fleeing Springfield just like the Americans left Saigon.

Tragic Blimps

Duff & Hindenberg

Duff beer colliding and exploding just like the Hindenberg.

French Millhouse

French Millhouse

Millhouse doing his best imitation of a Frenchman crying as the Nazis occupy France during the second World War.

General Sherman or Nessie?

General Sherman or Nessie

Each place has its own unique imaginary monster.

President Lisa

President Lisa

Lisa gets the Lindon Johnson treatment, while Marge acts as the widow Jackie-O.

Bart as Betty Grable

Bart as Betty Grable

When Martin Beat Bart


The Elvis Connection


I don’t know which version of Elvis looks more ridiculous, the one with Nixon or the one with Mr. Burns.

Who really Built the Empire State Building?

Who really built the Empire State Building

The Spanish Civil War

Robert Capa Shot

Republican militiaman shot and killed during the Spanish Civil War. Since then, the photo by Robert Capa has been challenged for its authenticity.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima

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