[Giveaway] Epic PS4 Sports Bundle

In case you’ve just missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and can’t afford to pay the full price for a console, Walyou Deals gives you the chance of winning an epic PS4 sports bundle that includes not only Sony’s video game console, but also three extremely popular sports games.

This week’s featured giveaway at Walyou Deals includes Sony’s PlayStation 4 along with 3 games that should make any sports enthusiast scream with joy: FIFA 2016, NBA 2K16 and Madden NFL 16. PlayStation 4 has made the news a lot recently, not only because it emerged as the big winner of this year’s Black Friday sales (despite not having as many titles as Microsoft’s Xbox One), but also because Sony announced that it has unlocked the 7th CPU core on the video game console.

Not all of us were born to be athletes, but video games gave us the chance to score goals, shoot balls through hoops, or do a touchdown. It may not be the same as the real thing, but it still is very entertaining, and enables us to forget for a moment about the problems of our daily lives.

The first game included in the bundle, FIFA 16, was released back in September, and gained generally positive reviews, mainly for its realism. Even though it’s the 23rd game in the FIFA series, it’s the first one to include women’s national teams. To properly reproduce female player motion, EA Sports used motion capture on several popular American and Australian women footballers.

Madden NFL 16, another EA Sports creation, brings back the EA Trax soundtrack, after being gone in the previous three installments. The soundtrack can also be streamed on Spotify, so you can enjoy the music even when not playing the game. Besides that, the new game features better aesthetics, new player spotlights and dynamic goals, on top of revolutionary on-the-field cameras.

Unlike FIFA 16 and Madden NFL 2016, which were developed by EA Sports, NBA 2K16 was brought to life by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports. The 17th installment in the 2K franchise was released on September 29th for the PS4, so it’s still a very fresh game. If players decide they don’t like the real life teams, they have the ability to create a custom one. New features include tattoos that can be added when creating players, better visuals, improved player costumization and overall gameplay.

Before signing up, go over the official rules, to make sure that you are eligible to enter the sweepstakes and win the prize. Age and location restrictions apply, so read the rules carefully. Check out the epic PS4 sports bundle giveaway within the next 14 days, before it ends. The winner will be announced on or around December 16. The bundle is $528 in value, so this definitely isn’t a giveaway you should turn a blind eye to.

Not at last, it should be mentioned that neither Sony nor their PlayStation division are affiliated with this contest.

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