Picture Yourself With Madonna And Get VIP Tickets

Geekery and the 80s go along like mac and cheese. And nothing is more 80s in essence than the pop diva Madonna.

Madonna VIP

These news right in: the people at a group sponsored by Yahoo! Music have a contest running right now, where they ask fans to take their picture with of themselves with the cover of Madonna’s new album, MDNA. The prize for the winning entry? Special VIP tickets that will put them in the pit at one of her shows. No matter how much you try, these tickets can’t be bought and the only real way to get them is to be chosen randomly from the pool.


MDNA is Madonna´s twelfth studio album, hailed by critics and fans as one of her best albums of the last few years. The album broke all records after it reached number one on the iTunes charts in 50 countries out of the 51 it was made available at. The biggest reason to be excited is that now is the perfect time to see her live, as she’s in perfect shape. You can check some of the submissions already made to the contest here. Now, get creative and get some shots. Best of lucks!

Source: FlickrBlog