[Giveaway] MonoRover R2 Hoverboard Takes You Back to the Future

The year 2015 doesn’t exactly look how the creators of the Back to the Future franchise imagined it, but you can make up for that with the MonoRover R2 Hoverboard you can win through Walyou Deals.

From now on, Walyou Deals will be home to many exciting giveaways and the MonoRover R2 Hoverboard (typically priced at $499) is simply marking the debut of this. Developed by MonoRover (who is in no way affiliated to this contest), the R2 Hoverboard represents a great alternative for the ones who just aren’t into pedaling or skating to work or class.

The R2 Hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter, or rover – how the manufacturer prefers calling these personal transportation devices, that puts Segways to shame with its sleek and compact design. Segways are known to be bulky and heavy, and that’s everything the R2 rover is not. The only thing in common between the two is the gyroscopic technology found in them. The R2 makes use of two sensors to detect micro-movements in the rider’s feet and ankles, and transmits the collected data to the two separate motors.

Two blue LEDs are used for making others aware of the rider’s presence. Maybe it’s not the best idea in the world to use this on the streets, since the pavement is much safer. There’s no right way to ride the R2, though, as the LEDs can be either in front or the back. At night, these LEDs are meant to create quite the visual show.

Riding the R2 is quite simple, but mastering it may take some practice. To move forward, you only need to point your toes down. On the other hand, putting your weight into the heels will determine the R2 to move backwards. To make a turn, you’d have to point the toes of one foot and the heel of the other foot down. Depending on how fast you want to ride this hoverboard, the experience can be either relaxing or thrilling. Bear in mind that it does have a weight limit of 250 pounds, and that the included 158Wh battery provides a range of 10 to 12 miles per charge, so don’t expect to commute between towns with the R2.

Included in the package are the rover itself, a charger and a user’s manual. That’s everything you’ll ever need for becoming a hoverboard rider.

To enter the MonoRover R2 Hoverboard giveaway, head over to Walyou Deals and sign up using either your Facebook account or a username and password combination. Remember to read the giveaway rules before signing up, to make sure that you meet the requirements for entering the sweepstakes and winning the prize. For example, participants need to be age 21 or older at time of entry, and residents of several countries are not eligible to enter or win. Winners are to be announced on or around December 11.

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