Concepts and Designs Pulp Fiction Action Figure Concept Art: Mint Condition, NRFB

Pulp Fiction Action Figure Concept Art: Mint Condition, NRFB

You know what they call an action figure in Paris? “Un chiffre d’action.” These illustrated figures from artist Maxim Dalton feature all the iconic characters from the Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction, complete with accompanying accessories.

Nearly everyone in the movie is represented. Vince and Jules, who are the film’s protagonists, are given two separate sets of figures: one in their suits, and another of them in their shorts from the scene where they clean up after accidentally shooting a man in the back seat of their car.

The would-be restaurant robbers–who aren’t generally called by their real names in the film, going instead by Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, their pet names for one another– come complete with their guns and a large black trash bag, which they use to collect wallets and valuables from the restaurant patrons.


Butch Coolidge, the boxer hired by Marcellus Wallace to throw his fight, makes an appearance. His accessories include several weapons used to fight Zed and his counterpart, Maynard, a ball-gag, and a very special watch.

Also included are Zed himself (though, as we all know, he’s dead) and his leather-clad pal, The Gimp, who comes complete with his very own leash.

The watch, which had originally belonged to Butch’s great grandfather during World War I, and is given to him by Captain Koons,  a wartime friend of his father’s played in the film by Christopher Walken. Koons manages to sneak the watch out of Vietnam after Butch’s father dies in a prison camp, carrying it for two years up his… well, you know.

Unfortunately these are just concept drawings, so the Mia figure (complete with her five-dollar milkshake) won’t be adorning my shelf anytime soon. However, the artist has promised some prints online after his next show.

Until then, just be cool, Honey Bunny.

Source: Call Me Max

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