14 Purely Striking Punching Bags

Scientists, politicians and  marketers, for different purposes, have continuously warned our generation about the risk of sitting in front of computers for too long without any exercise. In our defense, we are not lazy … working out at the gym is simply too boring compared to all of the excitement that we get from the Internet and video games. However, 14 crazy and geeky punching bags below are going to rob us from our only excuse, proving that workouts can be fun, too.

Interactiv’ Boxing


Via: Walyou

Interactiv’ Boxing from Domyos is one brilliant punching bag concept that uses the latest technologies to get you fit in a fun and easy way. Designed for recreational boxing at home, it has 10 training programs to suit your ability and the intensity of your training session. There are also 2 game programs to test your memory and speed which you can enjoy with your family or friends.

Punch the Light


Via: Tuvie

Boxing is a wonderful way to relieve stress, and Punch the Light is a creative punching bag designed to lighten your day in even more efficient way. All you need to do is to hit the bag as hard as you can, and the light will radiate whenever you hit the bag.

Love Hate Punch


Via: 24 Oranges

With the same idea of light emitting punching bag in mind,  Stella Boess and Stefan Gross took a further step to bring the product closer to your real emotions. Called Love Hate Punch, the bag can adjust its light according to the power of your punch. The harder you hit, the brighter the light is.

R2-D2 Punching Bag


Via: Geek Alerts

After loyally serving Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, the poor R2-D2 is now turned into a punching bag. Even though R2-D2 punching bag looks cool, I wonder who in his proper mind would want to punch such an adorable droid.

Spiderman Punching Bag


Via: Spiderman Collector

The Spiderman punching bag is a perfect match for a super villain in making. The inflatable punching bag was probably released by Azrak-Hamway Co. in 1970s as part of their Marvel collectibles.

Smack Him Ex-Boyfriend Punching Bag


Via: Rare Bird Finds

A bad breakup can get you down the drain with all the anger and disappointment. Smack Him Ex-Boyfriend Punching Bag was specially designed to save you from the trouble. Just slip in a picture of that ex-boyfriend into the bag cover and punch him as hard as you can.

Animal Carcass Punching Bags


Via: Buzz Feed

If you have watched “You don’t mess with Zohan” and you think it’s gross when Zohan punched furiously on a punching bag which happens to be a cow, you’ll change your mind when you see these animal carcass punching bags. Killing animals for humans’ selfish purposes is not cool.

Punching Bag at Bus Station


Via: Ads of the World

In one of its marketing campaigns, Bonaqua Active, a drink brand in case you have never heard of that name, has placed punching bags at various bus stations. It turned out to be a brilliant idea that kills two birds with one stone: it raises public awareness about the important of exercise, as well as helps commuters release their stress when the bus don’t come on time.

Viagra: Dicky Punching Bag


Via: Behance

Self-righting punching bag POP is a brilliant campaign concept for Viagra to place in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. With the ability to stand straight up no matter how people beat it, the punching bag gives an impression that consumer will have a restless erection after taking the blue pills.

Sailor Moon Blow Up Punching Bag


Via: Moon Collection

Sailor Moon blow up punching bag is an over girly punching bag designed for a sole purpose of confusing consumers. If you like Sailor Moon, you will definitely not want to punch her beautiful face. If you don’t, why would you buy a Sailor Moon product?

Bozo Punching Bag


Via: Making the Leap White

Encouraging your kids to take up the violent path is never easier with this ultra cute Bozo punching bag.

Burberry Punching Bag


Via: Libby Black

No, we haven’t reached the point where fashion freaks can now keep fit in style. This fancy Burberry punching bag is for decorative purpose only. Burberry is not cheap and this thing is made out of paper and hot glue.

Punching Bag Sofa


Via: Uber Review

Created for display in the Milan Design show, the punching sofa bag is a sofa that doubles as a punching bag, and serves more than just the purpose of saving space. The punching bag can stand up or lay down depending on your relax or kickass mode. Unfortunately, it’s still a concept which means we won’t be able to let out all the stress on the sofa anytime soon.

Punching Bag Costume


Via: Big Stupid Idiot

Not only does it look stupid and unconfortable, this punching bag costume also ranks first on top 10 costumes that will guarantee to get you a beating. Don’t ask me why.