Radio-Controlled USS Enterprise Goes Past the Final Frontier

When talking about RC aircraft, most of us think of planes and helicopters. This is not the case with the following geek, who made a custom-built radio-controlled SS Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

It’s nice to see that the old Star Trek series (The Original Series, The Next Generation, et al) are still getting some love from die-hard fans, and that not everything is about J.J. Abrams’ (pathetic, if you don’t mind me saying that yet one more time) interpretation. Depending on how great the impact was for each fan, there are trekkies who simply go on with their lives after watching the series, making references from time to time to various characters or events, trekkies who buy action figures and clothing bearing the Star Trek insignia, and trekkies who go on and build their own radio-controlled starships.

A Slovak trekkie that goes by the name of TheMiro59 on YouTube showcased his custom built USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. In case you don’t know, that’s the one that Jean-Luc Piccard commanded. Miro (I’m going to assume that that’s his name) admits on his website that he didn’t want to break the starship after spending so much time to create it, and since he didn’t know how to fly a RC aircraft beforehand, he had to learn how to do that, too.

In the following video, the creator of this project goes to explain in great detail how the starship was created. In addition, we get to see the radio-controlled USS Enterprise go sky-high. In case you are interested in seeing more pictures of this and other custom-built RC Star Trek starships, please check the website of the Slovak trekkie. Don’t fret, you won’t need to learn Slovak for that, nor will you need Google Translate. Everything on this website is written both in Slovak and English, so International visitors will also get an idea about the details.

LEDs and optic fibers were used for illuminating the iconic starship, and for making it look more realistic. Miro also provides details on the feasibility test that he had to conduct to determine whether the model could fly or not. For this, he found out the center of gravity and then proceeded to building USS Enterprise starting from some blueprints that he found on the Internet. Everything about this custom-built radio-controlled USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is spectacular, and I wish we had more such trekkies in our lives, to show us that the space is the final frontier.

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