Remote Control Drink Cooler for Lazy Folks

There are loads of lazy people all over the world who would not want to get up and fetch their drink from a corner of the room.

For such people, this Remote Control Cooler by Interactive toy Concepts can be a huge blessing. It is a rolling cooler that can be commanded to roll over to you wherever you are lolling, without you having to get and fetch your alcoholic drink.

The RC cooler looks pretty cool as well and comes with a full function remote control. It can hold 12 ice cold beverages and works both outdoors and inside your house. Thanks to its ability to collapse completely, you can store those bottles easily. The lid comes with zippers so that the cold is trapped inside without heat entering inside the container and ruining all the coldness.

The package comes with a shoulder strap and that means you can take it along with you to a picnic and make sure that you can lie on the river bank and command your cooler to roll to a friend a little distance away and make it roll back to you without moving an inch except your finger perhaps. It costs $80.  You can also go ahead and take a look at the Cruiser Cooler, which we had featured a little while ago.