“Real Reason” MTV Don’t Play Music Videos Anymore

No that the network will ever give anyone the answer, but it’s pretty simple – money. Reality TV brings in better ratings, makes more money for the network  while playing and investing in Music Videos these days isn’t all that worth it like it used to be because so few people actually buy Albums and CD’s.

Sure, there are the digital numbers that aren’t always accounted for, but the bottom line is that most of the music, globally, is being acquired through illegal downloads. Why invest in a music video when advertising via Facebook  twitter and youtube comes for free, and the real thing that artists are promoting these days are concerts and tours, not selling albums?

This hilarious video from Brian and Maria depicts an interaction between a disappointed user, tired of watching Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant and other television masterpieces the network is currently producing instead of the music videos people over the age of 20 were used to watching on the channel.

The answer? Money, bad music, and most us getting old. Not always pleasant to hear, unless it’s told in a funny way.