Red Nexus 5 Leaks as the End of the Nexus Program is Rumored

Google may be on the brink of adding a touch of color to a historically black and white monochromatic lineup.


The recent leak of an internal Sprint document has all but confirmed the appearance of a red Nexus 5 to appear in the Google Play Store on February 4th.  This comes after several weeks of rumor surrounding new color availability for Google’s current flagship.

The leak only confirms a red Nexus, though, with no word on the other rumored colors (orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and red).  Additional colors (even if it’s only red) will go a long way to making Google’s Nexus brand more appealing.  While the low price points and timely—direct from Google—updates have been a big selling point among Android enthusiasts, there hasn’t been much draw to the rest of the geek crowd that just like flashy gadgets.

The addition of more colors would put the Nexus 5 back in the discussion alongside the other devices in the Play Store as it will be the only device sold directly by Google available in with 3 or more colors without additional accessories such as a case or replacement back.

If this rumor is true, hopefully we will see more color selections coming to all the devices in the play store.  HTC already manufactures the HTC One in multiple colors, but only the silver model is available through the Play Store.  I bet a brightly colored Nexus 7 tablet would also get quite a few takers.

However, this news all does come under the looming shadow of rumors that Google will be discontinuing the Nexus program in 2015 in favor of various “Google Play Edition” devices direct from several popular Android manufacturers—such as the devices from LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, and Samsung—that can be found in the Google Play Store already.

The end of the Nexus program could be a good thing if it means Google is able to convince more Android manufacturers to embrace their vision for Android such as they were able to accomplish with their recent patent deal with Samsung, but of course there are enough hardcore fans that not everyone will be happy to see Nexus go.

Fortunately, we still have some time—and several new Nexus announcements—before they pack up shop, if this rumor is true.  In the meantime, hopefully, everyone will have some colorful Nexus phones to keep them satisfied.

Sources: Android Police, Digital Trends, BGR

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