Rescue Robot Will Eat You to Save Your Life

If you’ve ever thought of a scenario where your life was in danger and you were rescued by a robot sent to protect you, you’d probably have images of an Arnold lookalike staring at you with cool sunglasses saying “Come with me if you want to live.” Well keep on thinking that daydreamer, because in reality a rescue robot like this one looks a lot more functional and a lot less ripped bodybuilder from the ’80s. Deal with it.

We’ve seen plenty of robots here on Walyou that can do all sorts of things, from the mundane to the worthless but very cool Tetris playing robot to the Towel Folding Robot and even a Ball Balancing Robot, but this guy is all about business. Made by Japan-based (aren’t all robots these days) tool maker Kikuchi, the robot is designed to be able to take on areas where a normal person would be put in normal danger. Such examples given by the manufacturer are chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear disasters. Fun stuff. If you’re still alive in said situation but rescuers can’t risk sending a real person to get you, they’ll send this rescue robot instead. He’ll move up to you sporting heavy duty treads and then attempt to scoop you up using a conveyor belt. Once on board the robot will be sent via remote control to a safer location where you’ll receive medical treatment for your third head.

The robot itself is pretty versatile. It can rotate 360 degrees within a 1.5 radius, so they can squeeze into places bulkier robotic counterparts would be unable to reach. If you’re worried about a night operation, it’s prepared too, since buyers have the option to purchase night vision cameras. The robot should be able to scale a hill or two as well, as it’s equipped to ascend slopes with an angle of up to 30 degrees. No word on whether it will be able to combat zombies or not just yet, maybe they’ll bring that in as an additional addon. Unfortunately no videos appear to be available yet, as I’m very curious to see how effective the conveyor belt mechanism is in physically scooping up a person…or pieces of a person, as the case may be.

Via: Crunch Gear