14 Amazing Rescue Robots

Blame all Hollywood science fiction movies that try to convince us that one day, intelligent robots will take over the world and destroy all human race; while, in fact, these intelligent robots are being built to save our lives. They can go to humanly inaccessible areas, take risks to perform rescue operations. Check out 14 amazing rescue robots listed below to assure yourself about the robot risk.

Rescue Dragon Robot


Via: Tech Nut News

Standing 3.45 meters tall, T-52 Enryu is a giant rescue robot that looks like it’s straight out of Transformers. It has a bulldozer-like base and a 5-meter long arms that can lift cars stuck in the snow. The robot can also prevent avalanche by removing accumulated snow from the edge of a cliff.

SMAVNET: Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network


SMAVNET, short for Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network, is a toy-like robot plane concept that can transform into an emergency network when conventional network towers are incapacitated, allowing relief workers to perform the vital task of communicating the ground realities. The network can be carried around and set up anywhere.

Rescue Robotic Crawler


Via: New Launches

Yokohama’s fire department has enlisted an unnamed robotic crawler to aid evacuation in case of earthquakes. The crawler can carry a 110 kilogram person from the disaster zone to safety, over difficult terrain with ease. It can also monitor the occupant’s vital signs on the way.

Rescue Robot


This is another strange unnamed robot that will swallow you to rescue you. Built by Japanese tool maker Kikuchi, this robot is designed to be able to go to areas where humans would be put in danger. It can rotate 360 degrees within a 1.5 radius, thus it can squeeze into places difficult even for other robots.



Via: Bot Mag

VECNA’s Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot, or BEAR, is a life-size humanoid robot that was built to rescue people. The four degrees of freedomadded to the forearms and wrists in the new BEAR prototype give it additional dexterity — useful for lifting an I-beam off a pinned casualty with one arm, while pulling the victim to safety with the other.

Seascout Ocean Rescue Robot


Via: Dvice

The Seascout aquatic rescue robot is a GPS-based robot that was designed to save people in open waters. When you are in trouble, you just need to activate a GPS tracker and the robot would glide out to scoop you into its spacious bay, carrying you back to safety. It has internal lighting, a sunroof and a radio system so those inside don’t feel claustrophobic or alone.

Isopod Robot Rescuer


Developed by Russian product designer Igor Lobanov, Isopod is a small robot rescuer with the head as a camera and an audio-video link to give a picture of what is happening in the affected areas. It has been used in rescue operations, and it’s expected to play key role in Disaster Management.

Self Assembling Robot

These amazing robots have been provided sufficient programming that allows them to self-assemble and grow into larger and functional robots. In Hollywood movies, these self assembling little robots might be a huge risk to human race, but in real life, they are meant to save us. Their ability to build, grow is very helpful to assist relief teams in areas which may be difficult or dangerous for human beings.

Slodunny Hydro Search and Rescue Robot


Via: Top Blog Posts

Powered by hydrogen, Slodunny Hydro can search and rescue humans and animals that are lost. Its small size allow it to enter voids that are too small for humans or dogs.

Tardec Rescue Robot


Via: Aviation Week

Tardec is a chaos search-and-rescue robot developed at the Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center in Warren, Michigan. Its quirky design allows it to go through toughest surface at ease.

V2 Mine Rescue Robot



Equipped with navigation and surveillance cameras, lighting and a manipulator arm, this mine rescue robot can go through an underground mine in conditions that might be unsafe for miners to pass through. V2, as it is called, stands 50 inches tall, weighs 1200-pound and can travel up to 5000 feet while monitoring and sampling air.

Quadbot Robot Rescuer


Via: Tuvie

Conceived by industrial designer Norio Fujikawa, Quadbot is a robot rescuer concept that can perform and survive for several days in the extremely harsh natural conditions thanks to a self contained power source. The super robot can serve various purposes ranging from rescuing passengers of a crashed aircraft to collect data for environmental scientific projects.

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon is an arduino Robot project that combines sensors and motors to fight with fire. At bigger scale, it might be very helpful to the fire department.

Tamiya Remote Control Rescue Crawler


Via: Robot Combat

Featuring 3 pairs of tracks, Tamiya robot can crawl over even the roughest of surfaces, crossing barriers that would stop a normal R/C vehicle. It’s remotely controlled and can be used to pick up or drag objects, simulating actual rescue robot operations.