Retina Display iPad Mini Is Coming in the Second Half of 2013

Apple fans expected the first iPad mini to come with a Retina display. The second generation will fulfill the wishes of those particular fans, but there might be several reasons to skip this upgrade.

When various manufacturers started throwing 7″ Android tablets left and right, Apple felt it is being threatened. Their response was the iPad mini, but this device didn’t pack one particular feature that makes the Apple products stand apart: a Retina display. However, NPD DisplaySearch analysts stated in an interview they gave for CNET that the first Retina iPad mini is in the works and that it will hit the market in Q3 of 2013.

More precisely, Richard Shim from NPD DisplaySearch claimed that “We see two refreshes coming. One in the second half of this year, then one in Q1 of 2014. The Q1 device will have a Retina display plus an updated processor.” Does that mean that the version launched in the September-November timeframe – that’s the period suggested by Richard Shim – will pack the same CPU as the current iPad mini, but will come with a Retina display?

If this is true, than the Q3 version might as well be skipped by the iSheep Apple fans. It is rather obvious that the Q3 version will be more expensive than the current generation, considering the addition of the Retina display, and the 3rd generation of iPad mini even more so, but some additional processing power might make the upgrade worthwhile. Even though the next-gen iPad mini will be around just in time for Christmas, the patience of the ones waiting for the 3rd generation will be rewarded. In Apple’s case, better things come to those who wait longer.

One thing is certain: if Apple wants to compete against Samsung and the others from Google’s Android army, it will have to speed things up a bit. The variety of Android devices is overwhelming, and Apple’s design is no longer a game-changing element. iPhone 5 is already inferior to Samsung and HTC’s flagships, and one of the few strong points that Apple still has the higher quality of the materials (Galaxy S3 and S4 don’t seem to survive falls as good as the iPhone 4 and 5). If the upgrade cycle gets changed and the prices become more affordable, more people might take Apple products into consideration when looking for a gadget.

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