Richard Branson Ice Cubes on Virgin Atlantic

Flying first class surely comes with its benefits and a few surprises as well. Virgin Atlantic has begun to serve ice cubes in the shape of its boss Richard Branson at the in-flight bar, whenever people order for drinks.

The uber-luxurious Upper Class Cabin features the cocktail bar in question and very comfortable beds in case you decide to down a lot more than just a few drinks. The Richard Branson Ice Cubes have been crafted from pristine Fijian water and shaped like the flamboyant boss. Designers required six weeks to take the exact measurements of Branson’s head and create the mould that would freeze water into the desired shape.

If you are flying Virgin Atlantic and happen to be in the coveted first class cabin, you will certainly be reminded of the man behind the company each time you take a swig from your glass. The ice cubes look astonishingly realistic and well-crafted, and the designers have really paid a lot of attention to detail. Too bad these ice cubes can’t be taken home as souvenirs!

Mr. Branson is usually in news for all things outlandish, and sometime ago he actually announced something out of this world: Virgin Galactic Spaceport. You might also want to take a look at Virgin Oceanic, which attempts to explore the oceans.