15 Hilarious Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas Sweaters

What’s a better way to complete the festivities in the upcoming Christmas season? Get a Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas sweater!


Who has not been entertained with the Rick and Morty TV show? Did you enjoy the mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty’s adventures through space? Their encounters with the aliens? Their absolutely fun song and dance numbers? These are just some of the reasons why all of us fans await the next season of the science fiction show. But while doing so, you can already complete your holiday geek fashion list for this year with a Rick & Morty ugly Christmas sweater.

Not a follower of the show? Owning one of these ugly christmas sweaters could still make you a little cooler than you already are!

Rick and Morty – Morty Rickmass Men Pullover Hoodie


Reminisce that Christmas Rick and Morty episode with the dull Santa that is Ruben with this purple Merry Rickmass sweater. Too tired to dress up for your party? This may even pass as a Santa-inspired outfit requirement for the holiday!

Rick and Morty ‘TIS’ THE SEASON TO GET SCHWIFTY’ Ugly Christmas Sweater


Celebrate the holidays. Dance and party and get Schwifty with this Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas sweater you can buy on Amazon.

Rick and Morty Xmas Sweater Riggity Wrecked Sweater


“Why do you party,” Summer asks. “To get riggity riggity wrecked, son!” Rick answers in the maddest way. If this is all too familiar to you, you understand that this riggity wrecked ugly christmas sweater just defines a fun holiday celebration. Thus, a good enough reason to get this sweater.

Rick and Morty – Human Christmas Men Pullover Hoodie


Remind yourself of the intergalactic trips of Rick and Morty while wearing the this blue Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas sweater.

Rick and Morty Christmas Tree Silhouette Women’s Hooded Sweatshirt


Rick and Morty’s adventures are silhouetted in this ugly Christmas sweater for women. What’s even cooler is that it’s formed into a Christmas tree to fit into the holiday vibe.

Rick and Morty – ‘A Wubba Lubba’ Ugly Christmas Sweater


In between Rick and Morty’s visit to his alien friends in space and back to earth, the mad scientist loves to say “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” followed by a horrendous laughter. And this ugly christmas sweater represents that!

Rick and Morty Merry Ricksmas Ugly Sweater


The typical wonky face of Rick greeting you a “Merry Ricksmas.” What’s more cool is this green sweater is made more Christmas-y with its pine trees and snowflakes design!

Rick Santa And Morty Elf Knit Kid’s Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


Moms and dads, let the kids join the fun and get them an ugly christmas sweater as well! Get this blue sweater for kids that shows a grumpy santa Rick with a confused elf, that is Morty.

Rick And Morty Party Time Ugly Christmas Sweater


Remember how fun and funny the dance steps in the Rick and Morty show through this Ugly Christmas sweater on Etsy. You also get Morty’s sister, Summer, and mini Santa Rubens as bonus!

Rick and Morty ‘Have a Human Christmas’ Hoodie


Get into your holiday vibe the Rick and Morty way by getting this Have A Human Christmas sweater. You can even dance to the tune of the TV show’s Human Song while sporting this Ugly Christmas sweater.

Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Humbug Ugly Christmas Sweater


Let Santa Rick greet all your friends a Wubba Lubba Humbug by wearing this Ugly Christmas sweater!

Rick and Morty ‘Merry Christmas’ Women’s Hoodie


Ladies, get this seemingly satirical and ironic statement from Albert Ein-douche, A.K.A Rick, in this ugly RIck and Morty Christmas sweater.

Merry Rickmas Rick And Morty Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt


Get this Ugly Christmas sweater featuring surprised Rick and dull Ruben disguised as Santa wrapped in a wreath while greeting you a Merry Christmas.

Rick and Morty Lick My Bells Ugly Christmas Sweater


The Rick and Morty TV show fans would know how nasty this mad scientist can get to his family. This Lick My Bells sweater proves that. You gotta admit, this pun-ny sweater just fits the Christmas season perfectly.

Rick and Morty Women’s Off-the-Shoulder Red Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


“You’re both pieces of shit!” That’s grand dad Rick’s mathematical analysis of the character of his grand kids. Ladies are yet again privileged to own this Ugly Christmas Rick and Morty sweater that bears this LOL-worthy quote from the show.