RoboCops Patrol South Korean Prisons

Don’t commit crimes anywhere, but especially in South Korea. Why, you ask? Because prisons have robots guarding them. The robot apocalypse is coming!


Okay, these guys here aren’t so bad… first of all they are not armed, unless you consider a microphone and a kinect sensor weapons. But these androids are great tools for patrolling and checking on the prison hallways, creating a futuristic panopticon and everyone in there in check. Hell, we guess it could also check on the police itself and could be a cool way to avoid prison brutality. If it didn’t look like a robot straight out of Aperture Labs, we’d suggest just kicking it over if the need for privacy becomes unbearable, but hey, despite what the government says, we’d be afraid of it carrying a machine gun.

Now, all joking aside, check this video below to see the robot actually doing its job.

Thanks to the Spectrum team for pointing out this story for us. There’s more robots at Flame-Shooting Robot Uses Kinect Tracking and Japanese Beer-pouring Robot Friend.