Flame-Shooting Robot Uses Kinect Tracking

Seriously, guys, we’re all going to die.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but we’re going to die. And I don’t mean at 90 in your home after a long and happy life. No. Sorry. I mean that we are going to die at the hands of crazy robots with the ability to find you. It’s like the Terminator, except these aren’t sexy naked men from the future.

Hey, remember when I claimed that the Robot Fireman was terrifying? Well, while I was right, it’s really not as frightening as Exuro, the “interactive, fire shooting robotic sculpture.”

No, seriously, that is what it is called. Someone actually chose to make a robot that tracks your movements and shoots fire. And you thought our world was without comic book villains.

I’m not sure about you, but I think I wet myself a little. And if the fire, which is propane based, isn’t scary enough for you, she has eyes that move thanks to kinect and arduino. Oh, and she is also more popular than I am on Twitter. I hate her.

But hey, if you’re not simultaneously jealous and afraid of this robot, then maybe you’ll appreciate that her creator, Peter Kropf, is modifying her to accept donations, make automatic tweets, take and post pictures of those who interact with her, and will soon have some rocking neon accessories.