Cute Tom Servo-Like Robot Made Out Of Coke Cans

Summer is almost upon us in the Northern hemisphere, and that means lots of refreshing drinks. . But what to do after you finish your cans of Coke? You could toss them in the garbage, or the recycling bin if you’re trying to be green. Or you could just make a cute little robot out of them.

This project comes to us from Instructables user Dusk Shadows. All you need is a silicon gun and silicon, a permanent marker, a driver drill, pliers, a utility knife, a battery, colored wire, sticky tape, a light bulb and of course two Coke cans.

Robot made out of Coke cans

The detailed instructions are on the Instructables pages, so I won’t reproduce them here, but the finished product looks an awful lot like Tom Servo from “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” If you’ve never heard of the cult U.S. TV program from the ’90s dedicated to making fun of really bad movies, you’re in for a treat (Servo is the one on the left):

The above clip is Servo, Joel, and Crow T. Robot savaging “Mr B. Natural” a short film aimed at getting kids to play music using a high-pitched title character, played by a woman for some reason.

It might not be Christmas time yet, but Crow, the other MST3K robot, appears in a robot nativity scene. Another cool DIY project is a Lego Mindstorms submarine.