Cardboard Robot Nativity Scene

The holiday season might be over, but it’s never too early or too late to appreciate this new take on the nativity scene. So new, in fact, it contains robots, talk about immaculate conception.

The scene was created for a design project at Core77 a platform that enables creative excellence through mass collaboration. The robot nativity scene was part of the Cardboard Christmas idea to create the most inspiring, unexpected and fun cardboard ornaments. The nativity scene is made only of cardboard and hot glue and took the user TK615 two days to complete after rigorous measuring and gluing. Well, those two days were definitely worth it for this cardboard masterpiece. From left to right are Clank (Ratchet & Clank games), Crow T. Robot (Mystery Science Theater 3000) and Bender (Futurama) as the three Magi, SAINT/Johnny Number 5 (Short Circuit) as Joseph, Rosie the Maid (Jetsons) as Mary, AT-AT walker (Star Wars) as the sheep and Wall-E (Wall-E) as the shepherd.

Larger View Cardboard Nativity

The background is a nice touch, but it would have been great if the robots were somehow painted or given additional items, like clothing, beards or props, to give it a little more authenticity and christmas-y vibe. It’s still pretty impressive though considering that the design was created without any patterns. Although the robot nativity scene is not for sale, those that are handy with design can whip one up, or take the idea to add different robots like C3PO, RoboCop, those dancing Honda robots  or how about Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

The level of complexity, thought and humor in this design really makes it a crowd pleaser. So for the next Christmas instead of going with the same old nativity scene with the normal baby Jesus, think of robots instead or something else that correlates with other interests as well.

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Via: Core77