Robot Couch will transport you anywhere

What started out as a joke became a reality: this is literally couch surfing, a moving couch that can take you around the city.


UNSW (Univeristy of South New Wales) students in Australia came up with quite a concept: a robotic couch that can become your mean of transportation by moving on its own, while being controller by an Xbox 360 gamepad. The project came from the minds of Steph McArthur and Will Andrew, both engineering students who came up with the project as a joke. The project has received several successful test runs, and has since then been set to be an attraction at UNSW’s Open Day.

The couch uses electric scooter motors to drive the wheels, which are connected to a central controller to regulate the speed, also, if the video above serves as reference, it can be quite fast, too. Are we ready to replace our cars yet? Apparently, the students were so inspired by this idea that now they want to create a robotic fridge. Well, they need to make that happen, the kitchen is way too far away from our living rooms and bedrooms anyways.

Via Technabob & UNSW Newsroom

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