Logitech K480 Is a Keyboard that Works with Smartphones, PCs and Tablets

Most people living in developed countries own a mobile device besides their computer, or vice versa. It’s not unusual at all to use them simultaneously, but switching from a hardware keyboard to a software one back and forth can become tiresome at some point.

Logitech, the Swiss peripheral manufacturer that’s known across the world for the high-quality of its mice and keyboards, looks to solve this problem by launching the K480, a wireless keyboard that can switch seamlessly between various devices. Mind you, the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard K480 isn’t only compatible with multiple devices, but also with multiple operating systems. In other words, you could use it to type on a Windows PC, an Android smartphone an an iOS tablet, and it would work just fine in any of them.

Charlotte Johs, global VP of computer peripherals at Logitech, explained why a device such as this wireless keyboard was so necessary: “Typing needs have evolved and consumers are computing and texting across multiple screens, often using two or three different operating systems. The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 makes it simple for people to work, create or communicate quickly and comfortably, no matter what computing device or platform they are using.”

There are some limitations though, but those don’t refer to the compatible operating systems. As mentioned before, the Logitech K480 connects wirelessly to mobile and desktop devices, and for that it relies on Bluetooth. It works with Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Android and iOS, but you will be limited to using at most 3 devices at a time. An “Easy-Switch” dial is available for moving from one device to another, so you won’t have to remember any impossible keyboard shortcuts. The integrated stand offers some proper support for your tablet and/or smartphone, and supposing that you don’t place the keyboard right in front of your computer screen, the mobile devices shouldn’t block your view.

Logitech K480 is available on the manufacturer’s website, as well as at various retailer for the suggested retail price of $49.99. That’s quite a decent price, considering the unique functionality of this product. The keyboard is available in two color options, so you’ll have to pick between yellow/black and gray/white, depending on the color of your other devices.

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