Rochester Cloak: Harry Potter’s invisibility cloack might soon be a reality

What looks like magic to us might soon be a normal occurrence thanks to science, and seems invisibility might be the next big thing we’ll achieve.

Rochester Cloak

Meet the Rochester Cloak, a “Cloak of Invisibility” of sorts developed by a group of researchers from the University of Rochester. What it does is completely hide objects from view. The weird thing about it, though, is that the University of Rochester Newscenter claims this device is inexpensive, and can be built at home with every day materials.

The process is simple: by using four standard lenses, and depending on the position of the viewer, any one object can become invisible. Obviously, this would have no use at all if it was only one direction it cloaks, but a multitude of them. So, more than a cloak like Harry Potter’s, probably a shield would create a better mental image.

If readers wish to learn more about this concept, just head to the video right below these lines.

Via Syracuse


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