Nixie, the flying drone camera is a secret agent’s dream

If Mr. Bond is reading this, he now knows what’s the next gadget he will need to ask for: Nixie is the ultimate flying drone camera made wearable.


As a part of Intel’s Make it Wearable (MIW) Challenge, Christopher Kohstall and his team created the Nixie, a flying robot/drone with a camera that goes mounted on the user’s wrist. Intel’s idea is to push the wearables market forward by creating some of the most unique gadgets around, in portable form, and Nixie is a fantastic example of the concept.

The idea is that the Nixie will act as a camera with propellers, detach itself from the users’ wrists and fly away while taking images for the owner. Of course, the first thing we imagined it was the use secret agents and spies could give it, but it’s probably great for taking selfies too.

If (hopefully when) the Nixie team end up winning the contest, they’ll get funded by Intel and the gadget will become a reality that tech enthusiasts could be able to buy at any store. Well, color us interested!

Via Petapixel


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