Invisaband Renders You Invisible to Mosquitoes

In some parts of the world, mosquitoes get to be very annoying, not to mention the situations when they’re carrying diseases such as malaria. A bracelet that makes you invisible to them would be a proper gadget to wear in such areas.

According to an infographic posted on Bill Gates’ blog earlier this year, the deadliest animal in the world by number of humans killed yearly is not some heavy weight beast inhabiting the savanna or the oceans. It’s the mosquito, which kills around 725,000 humans each year. That figure is quite shocking, but you need some context to understand how important it is to keep ourselves protected from these little buggers.

There are plenty of mosquito repellents out there, some in the form of lotions, others in the form of sprays, but none of them is as convenient to use as the Invisaband. On top of that, many of the other repellents contain harmful chemicals such as DEET.

This gadget is easy to use, as all you have to do is strap it around your wrist. There are no dangerous chemicals involved, and no oily residues.

Invisaband will be available in sealed packs of five bands, which means there’s one for each member of the family. Just in case you’re the member of a numerous family, you are encouraged to buy more packs.

The secret behind Invisaband is an extract from the geranium flower, and hence a natural ingredient that keeps mosquitoes away. The geranoil is released gradually in the band’s microfiber material, and is said to help you stay invisible to mosquitoes for up to 120 hours. Indeed, this is not a permanent solution, but 5 days of protection at such a low cost is a real bargain.

The Invisaband mosquito repellent band is currently featured on Indiegogo, where its developers are looking to raise $10,000 in order to mass-produce it. Sealed packs of 5 bands are available for $19, which really is a decent cost, considering the alternative. Seeing just how important such a mosquito repellent is for the human race, I have no doubts that the campaign will be successful and that the project will get funded. You have until October 28 to back the Invisaband on Indiegogo, so go there and help this product become a reality.

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