Rounds’ Ashley Boo Adds Video Functionality to Facebook

If you haven’t heard of Ashley Boo yet, you’re probably still catching up on Rebecca Black and her sick tween obsession with Friday and ripping off Justin Bieber’s melodies.

ashley boo facebook page

But seriously, Ashley Boo is the new face of Rounds, a webcam application that works through Facebook, allowing you to video chat with your friends, play games, and do the usual funky effects your PC Webcam software comes with. This is the first time a super viral campaign has been created on Facebook (ya know, similar to those popular Old Spice campaign).

Now Ashley does not actually interact with you while doing your “Rounds”; however, she does offer some innovative interaction via her Facebook page, where the stunning brunette and her friends hang out among the profile pictures atop the page awaiting your commands.

At first, a friendly voice greets you and says, “Hey, type something; do something with Ashley.” Lo and behold in the Facebook status bar, you can click your cursor and suggest an activity for Ashley and her friends.

ashley boo facebook rounds page

With 30 keywords including eat, drink, jump, food (outrageous food fight) and some imaginative actions closer to the inevitable and proverbial gutter:  sex, undress, fart and even threesome; the demographic Rounds aims to please with the marketing campaign doesn’t seem to be any different than Chat Roulette. Don’t worry, we won’t be taking any of those screenshots…

Nevertheless, watching Ashley blow up balloons, swim away from sharks, have food fights with her friends and dance to music is indeed quite fun, and it’s not as if Ashley is enacting all of the innuendo, with the entire group yelling “No!” and shaking their heads at the suggestion of a threesome, and Ashley turning into a vampire when told to “suck”.

At the end of the day, this is a lot of slightly dirty fun pointed at college-aged horn dogs, but the more important thing is the viral marketing. Rounds did some great work on this campaign in only two days of shooting and a ton of editing/rendering. And hey, I even thought about installing Rounds myself. Perhaps later when I’m not in a snooty book store/coffee house where judging glances can be seen tables away while testing out Ashley Boo’s “massage” command for this blog. Hey, I didn’t write the script!

Stay tuned for more interactions as Rounds staff (many of which star Ashley Boo) come up with more things for Ashley to do with you.

ashley boo facebook rounds

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Via: Rounds