Rapid Fire Rubber Band Shotguns for Kids and Adults

Who said rubber band guns are only for kids? Adults could find Bandit Guns attractive too, considering how innovative these rubber band shotguns really are.

Bandit Guns represents yet another Kickstarter project, this time oriented towards people who never grew out of Western movies and Bang-Bang games. The Sheriff and The Outlaw, as the two guns designed by Robert Coulston are called, will give equal chance to everyone, no matter on which side of the law they are.

According to the designer, he had the idea of making these shotguns when his three children, Kelsey, Macy, and Bobby, came by his wood shop one day and asked him whether he could make some rubber band guns for them. Since Bobby was far from satisfied with his father’s prototype, he suggested making a gun capable of automatic shots. Robert could not allow his children to use the power tools, but at the same time, he wanted to give them the joy of assembling the guns. Bandit Guns, the DIY rubber band shotguns that took Kickstarter by surprise, were born this way.

The Outlaw, which is featured in the first image, comes as a kit composed of 14 laser cut plywood pieces. These are put together with binding bolts. When assembled, this rubber band shotgun is capable of firing 9 shots, either in single shots or in rapid fire. The actuator is used for triggering the shots in both cases.

The Sheriff Assembling from Robert Coulston on Vimeo.

The Sheriff is a bit of an upgrade, as it is capable of firing 10 rubber bands in 3 possible ways. Besides single shot and rapid fire, this shotgun also features a Shotgun Blast firing mode. The latter implies pumping the actuator until all the rubber bands are at the top. Pulling the trigger will cause the rubber bands to scatter, thus knocking over whatever it is that is standing in their way.

The Early Bird Special offer was available to anyone pledging $30, but it can no longer be accessed. Backers who will offer $35 will get their own Sheriff shotgun. The Outlaw can be obtained by backing the project with $25. Various combinations of shotguns are offered for different sums, the maximum of $300 assuring the possession of 10 Sheriff shotgun kits.

Bandit Guns, whose name even suggests the use of rubber bands, will be featured on Kickstarter for 16 more days, so if you want these for Christmas, either for yourself or for your kids, you should hurry!

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