Bigger, Better Homemade Nerf Gun

Standard Nerf guns totally lack in accuracy and the force with which the darts are pushed is simply not enough, so the following DIY project may be the solution you have been looking for.

This project, made by Simon Jansen, was featured in the 29th volume of the MAKE magazine. Simon too realized that the Nerf guns that are sold in toy stores have a lot of drawbacks, so he decided to make a better one (not necessarily bigger), right at home. As he stated for the MAKE Magazine: “I made the pistol from PVC pipe, aluminum extrusion, and aluminum tubing, with wood for the grip and various pieces of metal and plastic, mostly from my junk box — and you can easily adapt the design to use what you have in yours. A sliding trigger and telescoping plunger keep the pistol short and compact. You’ll need a small metal lathe to machine some of the parts, but as there’s nothing too critical in the design, this is a nice project to hone your skills.”

A diagram was provided, along with a video in which Simon explains all of the intricacies of the gun. With the help of this diagram and with such detailed instructions, it is possible for everyone to make a Nerf gun at home that would put the typical dart pistols to shame.

As he explains in the above video, the  gun is made from pieces of

  • Aluminum
  • PVC water pipe
  • Wood for the handle
  • Plastic for the sides of the handle

According to Simon, the plastic bits play two roles. First of all, they make the handle bulkier and secondly, they prevent the handle from twisting on the body of the pistol. The Nerf dots that are used with this gun are nothing special, as they are made from typical foam and a rubber suction cup. Simon goes on to explain  about the dimensions of the barrel and the principles on which this Nerf gun functions. Later in the video, the creator of this Nerf gun demonstrates the difference between a standard dart pistol and his creation. The former is far from being accurate and  even if it were, it lacks the power to push the projectiles hard enough for them to stick. The target in the video is represented by Bender, who already looked scared when pointing the gun at him, so Simon had to blindfold him. Bear in mind, Simon Jansen is a true geek, as both seen on his website and in the video. The target is in fact a beer serving Bender and the TARDIS seating next to him is actually a MAME console.

Liked the gun, but felt bad for Bender? Then why not check one of my favorite songs – Bend It Like Bender by The Devin Townsend Project, maybe it will cheer you up a bit. I’ll admit it, I used to have water pistols and even (potentially dangerous) BB guns as a child, but I wonder if guns are really the toys that we want for kids. This tendency to make every toy gun more powerful, bigger and if possible, more realistic also increases the harm that  it can inflict.

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