Rubik’s Cube Speakers are a Blast

Speakers may come in many shapes and sizes, but this Rubik’s Cube inspired design is an instant classic.

Rubik's Speaker

The Rubik’s Cube is a timeless symbol of both nerdiness and the free-spirited 80s. We’ve seen it in just about every iteration imaginable, from the 38 redesigns of the Rubik’s Cube to the 23 mosaics made out of Rubik’s Cubes. We’ve even seen the famous cube turned into a useful household object with the Rubik’s Cube mug. However, cube-inspired products are usually novelty items rather than gadgets that can be used on a regular basis.

This little Rubik’s Cube speaker looks like it wants to change that misconception. It’s certainly practical – a small cube maximizes available desk space, and you could even stack things on top if it as long as the speaker side was facing outward. It’s also USB-powered, which implies that it might make a good computer speaker, though it can also take input from a standard audio cable. These are all solid features that point to the fact that the Rubik’s Cube speaker is serious business – though its fairly low price tag of £19.99 might suggest otherwise.

Practicality aside, this speaker also just looks so much more interesting than other speakers; it’s hard to find fault with the simplicity and appealing vibrancy of the Rubik’s Cube. Though I think this speaker could be used every day for any occasion, it would be the perfect thing to have at an 80s-themed dance party. While it would have been neat to see the cube’s faces “twisted” rather than solved, this distinct look means that visitors might be likely to confuse it for an actual cube.

There’s only one thing that I think could have been done better, and that’s the fact that the cube doesn’t rotate. Yes, some designs like the Rubik’s Cube mug aren’t meant to rotate because their function limits such mobility, but there has to be a design that allows for movement of a cube around an inner speaker. This is only a minor issue, though – if you wanted a solvable cube, you could just get a Rubik’s Cube!

Via: 7 Gadgets