Samsung 4.5 Inch Flexible AMOLED Display [CES 2010]

After months of speculation that Samsung was developing a flexible AMOLED display, CES has brought us some hard evidence (or flexible evidence) that this is no longer just a rumor.

Among all the exciting releases at CES 2011, the small things occasionally slip through the cracks. One such thing that may have slipped this year is the flexible display. Samsung specifically had a model on hand for CES 2011 and gadget blog Mobile Syrup was lucky enough to catch a quick video of it in action.

The display itself is 4.5″ in size and features a beautiful AMOLED resolution of 480 x 800. It is .27mm thin and features a bend radius of less than 10mm. Obviously, the specs are similar to the displays on several current Android devices available on the market, such as the Droid X or Samsung’s own Epic 4G. So could this flexible display model possibly be included in Samsung’s next Android flagship? Are flexible displays like this one the future of touchscreen devices?

According to its specs, the current display model could easily fit into Samsung’s next big Android release. Unfortunately, production plans don’t have the display coming to the market for at least 3 more quarters.  However, the fact that Samsung took the time to develop and plan to manufacture this piece of innovation makes it apparent that the company is taking this idea very seriously.

Samsung isn’t the only company to invest capital and energy in flexible display development. HP’s CEO, Phil McKinney, mentioned the possibility of flexible displays coming to WebOS at MobileBeat 2010, and pulled out a rolled up flexible display during his keynote. While his display was much larger than the touchscreen-type display that Samsung produced, it was still characteristic of everything we can possibly expect from a flexible display.

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via Precentral, Gadgetsteria