Sony Bloggie Mobile Camera Models [CES 2011]

Sony’s three new “Bloggie” video cameras hit the floor at CES 2011 this week, and all of them are well-equipped with HD video, varied mega-pixel lens strengths, and one model even has 3D capabilities.

The three models include the Bloggie, Bloggie Duo, and Bloggie 3D, all of which will be an interesting one-up attempt against Cisco’s Flip USB cameras, and a different approach from their current Bloggie Touch line.

Sony Bloggie FS1

The first and most basic Bloggie MHS-FS1 camera has a 2.7-inch LCD screen, 4GB of memory storage and records in 1080p. The small device comes in white or black and sports a USB arm as usual. With little storage, photographs and quick interview questions are going to end up being a bit more feasible than long, boring videos of press conferences in HD.

One step up is the Bloggie Duo MHS-FS2, which comes with two LCD screens, one 2-inch in front and another 2.7-inch on the back (still shooting 1080P), as well as an LED flash. Apparently the LCD in front is like a mirror display on any regular camcorder for checking your makeup or adjusting your toupee before and during recording. Like the FS1, the Duo also has 4GB of internal storage and a USB-arm for uploading and charging. From the press shots, it appears to come in a much less boring green skin than the FS1.

Sony Bloggie Duo FS2

The third and most exciting model of the bunch is, of course, the Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3. Sony has stepped up USB video cams with this model including 1080p HD full 3D recording and 8GB of internal storage, an LED flash, and two image sensors. Like the others, there is a stereo microphone and it is able to take still photographs, but most interesting, you can take 3D photographs as well. The best part about this camera is that you don’t even need to wear 3D glasses to view the Bloggie 3D’s videos and photos. The FS3 is also capable of regular 2D video and 2D photographs.

Sony Bloggie 3D FS3

We still have yet to see the quality of these cameras up close, so you may have to wait until March and April for them to hit retail. The Bloggie will price at $169, the Bloggie Dup at $169 and Bloggie 3D at $249.

Via: Zath