Samsung AirDresser Cleans and Sanitizes Clothes In a Novel Way

Samsung AirDresser

Samsung Electronics launched an innovative device that helps refresh and sanitize clothes at home. The Samsung AirDresser is a wardrobe-like device in which clothes can be hung after use so that they are cleaned using Samsung’s unique technology.

The technology combines powerful air and steam to kill germs, remove dust and sanitize clothes conveniently. With a growing need to clean clothes efficiently without having to put them through an entire wash cycle, there is a huge demand for devices such as AirDresser. The product was launched in the U.K. and Russia, and may soon arrive in the rest of the world as well.

Here is how Samsung AirDresser works:

Samsung AirDresser
  • Garments need to be hung inside the AirDresser
  • One just needs to turn it on and wait for the device to run its course
  • The AirDresser’s Jet Air and Air Hangers release powerful streams of air to remove dust
  • The device makes very little vibration and noise, and they are hardly perceptible
  • JetStream sanitizes the garment and removes all kinds of microbes
  • Deodorizing Filter removes all kinds of unpleasant odors resulting from tobacco, food, and sweat
  • Sweaters, shawls, fur and other such garments need not be washed regularly and can be cleaned in this device to protect them from damage

AirDresser helps reduce water consumption

Samsung AirDresser

AirDresser is one of the best ways to reduce water consumption as well. As it does not require a water supply and cleans garments quickly and effectively. Thanks to portable water containers, very little water are consumed in order to clean the clothes.

The device is perfect for those who have a lot of fancy clothes

Samsung AirDresser

The Samsung AirDresser seems to be the perfect solution for those who have a good collection of expensive clothes. It’s no secret that most expensive clothes are not meant to be washed regularly in the machine. In fact, they need to be taken care of well in order to maintain their exquisiteness. However, dust, grime, sweat, and odors necessitate washing these clothes. Thankfully, Samsung AirDresser eliminates the need to wash clothes often and keeps them clean and fresh all the time. Most importantly, it does not consume much water and helps in reducing one’s carbon footprint as well.