Specs of NVIDIA’s GA103 and GA104 Graphics Cards Have Been Leaked

NVIDIA’s GA103 and GA104

The specs of NVIDIA’s GA103 and GA104, the company’s latest graphics cards, are out. At first glance, they seem to be quite impressive. This is a step above the existing GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, a marvelous GPU. The latest graphics cards are at least 6 times more powerful than their predecessors and come with real-time ray tracing. These cards are enhanced by artificial intelligence, and the sky is the limit for serious gamers who are looking for a professional-grade GPU. GeForce RTX 3080 and the 3070 will be powered by these cards. 

What do NVIDIA’s GA103 and GA104 pack in?

GA103 is more powerful than the GA104, and it supports 20 GB of GDDR6. It also comes with a superlative 320-bit memory. GA104 differs only slightly and is quite powerful itself too. These graphics cards are specifically meant for those who play into live video games that are complex and very rich in graphics. Gamers can expect very smooth and professional gameplay. However, GPUs that run on these graphics cards are going to be pricey, and not many people will be able to afford them. They are targeted at a niche audience, and for a very good reason. 

Many people may not even have computers that support these kinds of graphics cards. NVIDIA seems to be playing catch-up with AMD, which has been on a roll lately. AMD recently released multiple graphics cards, GPUs, and other such products. In fact, insiders started to wonder if it reflected a sort of midlife crisis among the gaming giant. Thankfully, NVIDIA’s compensatory behavior shows that AMD is neither aging nor is becoming irrelevant. NVIDIA’s approach is quite business-centric, and these leaks come at the right time.

How will the market receive GA103 and GA104 graphics cards?

It remains to be seen how these cards will receive ed by the larger gaming community. Many people may find it problematic to invest in exorbitant sums of money. Others may simply find the cards too powerful for their regular use. Many others may not even possess computers that support advanced graphics cards such as these. If the rumors are true, and the specifications of the graphics cards GA103 and GA104 are correct, AMD will have some tough competition coming their way.