PS5 Slogan May Have Been Inadvertently Leaked

PS5 Slogan

While PlayStation 5 (PS5) is expected sometime soon, PS5 slogan may have been leaked inadvertently too. PlayStation Europe’s Twitter account changed its Twitter bio to “It’s Time to Play”, suggesting this might be the new slogan. Of course, it is a little too early to jump to conclusions, but in all likelihood, it either points to a deliberate marketing ploy or an unintentional reveal of its new slogan.

PS5 slogan reveal comes on the heels of specs leak

Recently, quite a lot of details about the PS5 were released as well. For instance, we now know that the PS5 will be revealed on the 5th of February, 2020. However, its actual release in the market will only happen sometime in October 2020, which is not too far away, if one gets philosophical. PS5 will cost $499 and will come in multiple games. Some of the launch games are Gran Turismo 7, Legendz, Godfall, and others.

How true are the PS5 slogan claims?

It is still difficult to ascertain the veracity of these leaks and claims. While such leaks have been true in the past, there have also been instances where supposed specs leaks and launch date leaks have been misleading. Similarly, one needs to tread with caution before jumping to the conclusion that “It’s Time to Play” is the new PS5 slogan. However, it does point toward a certain trend that has become repetitive with respect to PS5.

Sony may have adopted Apple’s strategy of marketing and branding

The company has begun to borrow a number of Apple-like strategies. For instance, it refused to attend the E3 2020. This is very similar to Apple refusing to attend the CES 2020 or one of the other gadget expositions. The way “It’s Time to Play” sounds is eerily similar to Apple’s sloganeering as well.

Apple often uses in-your-face simplicity and banality in its choice of words. Sony might be taking this approach to set itself apart from Xbox 360 and Nintendo and position itself as a more premium console.  One needs to wait and watch, and really confirm if the leaks that have been revealed so far are true or not.