DREAMing For A New Xbox? Xbox Dream Console Concept

It’s hard to believe that almost 10 years ago, Microsoft graced mankind with a new invention dubbed the Xbox, and then in 2005, blessed us again with their newest concept, the Xbox 360. Now, there is talk of the next great gaming consolae dubbed the Xbox Dream.

The Xbox Dream is the child of designer Joseph Dumary, and while the images provided are still only concept drawings, they provide a great insight into what may be coming in the next year or two, if speculations of release are even remotely correct.

The Xbox Dream is said to have a list of new features, some of which are surely not even mentioned yet. One of the most striking in the DP Connect wireless technology, which would allow users to wirelessly connect to their TV, therefore eliminating the need for  A/V cables. This technology would also allow the user to connect up to 10 TVs, as well as select the best default configuration for your TV. The DP Connect has a range of up to 7.5 meters, allowing a good amount of distance, if necessary.

The Dream will also utilize Kinect in new and innovative ways, allowing HD video chat with up to 6 people simultaneously, as well as introducing new features for Kinect games, such as being able to see your opponent in real time, with no lag.

The Dream is showing features not native to gaming consoles as well, almost more like a multimedia device. It will allow users to download games, movies, music, as well as watching HD local TV. More than just viewing, users will be able to view, edit, and upload videos to websites like Facebook and YouTube. With all of these features, users will also be able to multi-task, allowing users to pause their game, turn on music, surf the Internet, and even watch a video, all without losing the current game they are playing.

While hard drive specs seem to still be on the down low, disk sizes seem to have dramatically increased by utilizing Black Discs. The discs are said to load tremendously faster, as well as have a dramatically increased storage size, with upwards of 6 TB of data. Of course, being a multimedia device, the Dream will also be able to burn media onto Black Discs, though only usable (at the current time) on the Dream.

While it is still only in the concept phase, the Xbox Dream looks very promising, potentially being the first console to part of what has been dubbed the “Ultima Gen.” Hopefully more will be released in the coming months as to more specs and features, but I for one am satisfied with the current reveals and cannot wait to place my pre-order for the next Xbox, hopefully in time for 2012.

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Via: Joseph Dumary