Samsung Files Patent for Dual-Screen Smartphone

It certainly looks like the developers of the YotaPhone managed to influence one of the big names to create a dual-screen smartphone, as Samsung has recently filed a patent for such a device.

In case you don’t know, the YotaPhone is a dual-screen Android smartphone made in Soviet Russia that sports a regular LCD alongside an electronic paper display, which is perfect for maps, reading books and news, telling the time and such. Still, there’s a major difference between YotaPhone and the smartphone that Samsung intends to manufacture. As mentioned in the title, the South Korean company filed a patent for the dual-screen device, which means that it’s really something that hasn’t been done before. The following image helps us understand where the originality comes from.

Whereas the YotaPhone has a screen in the front and one on the back of the device, forcing the user to switch from one display to the other, the new dual-screen Samsung smartphone will feature a hinge that enables users to bring the two displays in the same plane.

As depicted below, the dual-screen Samsung smartphone would be perfect for social games, since one side of the phone is visible to the owner and the other one would be visible to the other players.

Next comes a crazy theory that would put Samsung in a league of its own. As you might have heard, Asus intends to launch at CES 2014 a tablet running both Android and Windows. What if each of the screens ran a different operating system? The second theory involves making a giant tablet-like display from the two separate screens, thus creating not only a never-seen-before diagonal in a smartphone (not phablet, mind you), but also an incredible resolution. Only if the two screens attached seamlessly to one another…

Samsung has been taking some really weird decisions lately. While most smartphone manufacturers struggle to include as few hardware buttons as possible, the South Korean company brought them back in the Galaxy Core Advance. Moreover, the rumor has it that the curved screen seen in Galaxy Round won’t make it to Galaxy S5. In that case, there are great chances we might see a dual-screen Galaxy S5, something the competition hasn’t taken into consideration.

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