Samsung Event Officially Anounced: is it for the Galaxy S5?

Samsung may be prepping to announce the Galaxy S5 in under a month at their Samsung Unpacked 5 event during Mobile World Congress.


An invitation to Samsung Unpacked 5 has been officially tweeted out by Samsung, and the event is set to occur February 24th—During MWC—in Barcelona, Spain.  The past few generations have been announced by Samsung at standalone Unpacked events, so this would definitely be a change of pace for the industry leader.

Per usual, the invitation says “Episode 1,” which is consistent with previous “Galaxy S” line launches, with other “Galaxy” branded lines, such as the Tab or Note, coming later in the year for “Episode 2.”  This doesn’t mean Samsung will play by the same pattern, though.  We could very likely get a new rendition of the Galaxy Gear at MWC and have a separate launch event for the Galaxy S5 as we did for the other 4 iterations of the phone.

Rumors continue to swirl around this device as there always are, so the device that will be announced is still a mystery.  Some of the rumors, such as an eye scanner, can pretty easily be dismissed as there is no eye scanning technology small or cheap enough to miniaturize for a smartphone, but we can definitely expect a reasonable bump in specs as we have seen in the past, and one of the most exciting rumors is that Samsung will also launch a premium metal variant dubbed the Galaxy F.


This is welcome news to many as one of the chief complaints regarding the past few iterations of Samsung’s lineup has been regarding the design lacking in design quality opting for a cheaper feeling plastic body.  A metal Galaxy phone will hopefully give the brand a more premium look and feel more akin to an iPhone 5s or HTC One.

Whatever is announced on the 24th, the speculation will be over soon.  There is no solid news yet on when the devices will actually be available for purchase, and such information isn’t always announced at the same time as the device, but hopefully we will have an official device and approximate time frame in the next few weeks.

Sources: USA Today, Design & Trend, Gotta Be Mobile

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