Got Milk? Samsung Galaxy Owners Respond Affirmatively

Milk, Samsung’s non-potable platform for all-media, will be available in the form of a video player for short clips exclusively on the Galaxy line.

There are two very different opinion currents regarding Milk Video, and neither is correct. Some tend to think that given the short clips, Samsung means to compete against Vine. The Korean giant thinks it can last more than six seconds, so it has no quarrel with Vine. On the other hand, there are some who believe that Milk Video goes against YouTube, but the latter enables people to upload even ten-hour long videos, while the former will resume to clips that are several minutes long. That being said, Samsung’s video player app fits somewhere in the middle, being able to host music videos at most (don’t expect any concerts or prog rock videos, as those are far too long for this).

Milk Video will feature various channels to which people can subscribe. For example, there will be Funny or Die videos, as well as clips made by Vice. By the looks of it, the player will be more about entartainment than news.

The app doesn’t have that many reviews on Play Store, and not all of the current ones were written by happy customers. Among the things that people are complaining about are the login procedure, the slow UI and the fact that the Milk Video channel is followed by default. Seeing how this is an Android app, the fact that people can only login using their Facebook account and not the Google+ one is a major downside.

Bottom line is: if you own a Samsung smartphone from the Galaxy line and want to watch short clips, head over to the Play Store and install it. The app doesn’t seem to be compatible with my S2, however, so I’m going to assume that it only works with the newer models. Oh, and Galaxy tablets are excluded as well, so Samsung must be thinking that watching videos on a smartphone’s display is much better than on a tablet. Way to go, Samsung, way to go!

Also, it doesn’t matter how much PR Samsung’s video player app is going to get, the following clip will still pop up on the first page of Google search results when you’re looking for “Milk Video.” Enjoy it!

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