In Soviet Russia Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Is Reviewed, Then Launched

Even though in most parts of the world products are first launched and then reviewed, Russians prefer to do it the other way around. It’s still a mystery how they managed to get their mitts on it, though.

So you’re not satisfied with the camera’s magnification factor that the default SGS4 Mini comes with? If you’re not keen on carrying a DSLR around, but still can’t think of using anything else besides the smaller brother of Samsung’s current flagship, then… Good news, everyone! The version that packs a point-a-shoot camera has been officially announced by the South Korean. In other news, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has already been reviewed by Russian websites Hi-Tech and Mobile-Review (if you don’t speak Russian, don’t bother checking those two links, as you probably won’t get much besides the photos and some numbers).

Mobile-Review claims that the 16 megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom camera that adorns the body of a typical 3G-capable Galaxy S4 Mini most probably isn’t worth paying premium. They claim that it’s a niche device destined for geeks and actually recommend against buying it, suggesting that people would be better off buying a regular point-and-shoot camera or a higher-end smartphone. Considering that the device, which is officially known as Samsung Zoom SM-C101, will cost €460 (approximately $615), they are most probably right, even though the device looks pretty sweet. It must be the geek in me speaking.

Besides the expected shape and the specifications of the camera, there really isn’t much to say. Well, some people might be curious about the quality of the photos. The Hi-Tech crew that got the chance to review it claims that the quality is decent. That’s all! Nothing to write home about, but not disappointing, either. Depending on how many photos are taken and on what settings are used, the camera will also cause the battery to drain faster, so keeping a back-up battery at hand wouldn’t hurt.


Not long after the Russian reviews became public, GSMArena, one of the main smartphone review websites for English speakers, also posted a hands-on video and an article previewing the SGS4 Zoom.


Overall, it’s great to see that the Korean tech manufacturer makes variations to its already-great products, but I, for one, am more excited about Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the rugged version of its flagship. Two-in-one devices may have their advantages, but losing one of these means twice the horror.

Hopefully, my Russian readers (if any) won’t mind about the title. I’m not ignorant, I know that Russia isn’t soviet anymore! Well, at least theoretically…

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