8 More Awesome Examples of Superhero Typography

Using typography ( the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible) to portray characters is becoming more and more popular, and there’s no doubt that these works by Midu1995 are some of the best we’ve seen recently.


Batman Typography

I don’t think anger is such an important part of the more fleshed out character. Identity, especially earlier on, is an important subject, while money, which enables Bruce Wayne to be such a successful crime fighter, definitely plays a major role.



Crazy is probably something that trumps everything else, but Batman, as some kind of driving force to the Joker’s ongoing crime, murder and insanity spree, has to be a big part of his misunderstood personality.


Bane Typohraphy

I’m not sure if he planned this when he drew Bane, but he looks like a Minotaur in this one.

Iron Man

Iron Man typography

The important thing to remember about Iron Man, that just like Batman, he’s so good because he’s smart and has tons of money, despite being 100% human.


Deadpool Typography

The funniest superhero/mutant ever drawn up and written.



Few characters can be summed up so well by their name.


Spider-Man Typography

I’m pretty sure dirt poor has to be written inside there somewhere.

Venom Typography

Venom Typograhpy

It has to be about the tongue before anything else.

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