Seek Thermal Camera Gives You Night Vision on the Go

There are plenty of situations when you wish you could see in the dark, and the Seek Thermal Camera was built with those exact situations in mind.

Available as an accessory for iPhones and Android smartphones, Thermal is a camera that enables to feel at least 33% like the Predator. Let’s face it, thermal vision is not only useful when hearing noises while walking down an empty street, but also when confronted with household problems. In fact, Seek Thermal suggests that the camera they developed could have such applications as safety and security, home improvement, cooking and boating. Pet owners

Seek Thermal Camera is by no means the first, nor the only device of its kind, as the Flir One personal thermal imager provides the iPhone with similar features. There surely are other manufacturers of similar devices out there, but for the time being, only Seek and Flir are fighting for the top spot. Obviously, as the competition stiffens, customers feel more appreciated, since companies are striving to come up with innovations. On top of that, the price of the components used for building such devices drops in time as the demand increases.

“Seek’s breakthrough technology lets people see heat for the first time, something that only
government agencies and companies could afford in the past. The Seek camera not only gives average consumers the capabilities in home improvement and safety and security that only professionals used to have, but we are also especially excited about the hundreds
of new use cases for thermal that our camera will enable,” pointed out Seek Thermal CEO, Robert Acker.

Since it is available in a portable format, Seek Thermal Camera is compact enough to carry in your pocket, when you don’t use it. The manufacturer makes no difference between iPhone and Android users, and offers the camera at the same price – $199. The difference is made by the connectors, as the iPhone one comes with a Lightning plug, while the Android one sports microUSB, and the companion apps. Both can be purchased on the Seek Thermal website. It should be noted that the camera is not compatible with some cases. If that happens, you need to either remove the smartphone’s case or use an extender.

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