Seesmic Social Client for Android Updated to Version 1.7

Seesmic has long been one of the best Twitter applications for Android, and might have gotten even better thanks to its latest update.

The new version(1.7) packs several new features, but centers around the addition of shortcuts. You can now add shortcuts for anything within Seesmic directly to your home screen. Access accounts, the composer, searches, lists, Facebook pages, and Chatter groups within a single tap.

This new feature makes the mobile Twitter experience far much efficient and much less time consuming. Gone are the days when you have to dive through Seesmic to find a certain List or Follower. The addition of shortcuts takes convenience to a whole new level for Seesmic.

Another feature Seesmic included in the updated is automatic translation of Tweets. The app will now translate updates to your current language instantly, meaning no more frustration for lack of fluency in Mandarin or Russian.

A high quality feature that’s going under everyone’s radar is the overhaul to Seesmic’s linking system. Links to tweets or profiles and links to Facebook updates and profiles may be opened directly in Seesmic instead of your browser. Rather than having to multitask and go back and forth between Seesmic and your Android browser, you can just say within Seesmic.

Also, you can now mark Twitter accounts as spam in one tap, and general improvements to the UI were made by Seesmic in an effort to respond to user complaints and issues. While social networking clients tend to come down to personal preference, it’s safe to say that v. 1.7 of Seesmic takes an already top 5 social app up a notch.

You can download Seesmic (v. 1.7) from the Android Market for free.

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