Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle Makes Life Easy for Commuters

While this concept isn’t new, there haven’t been that many self-balancing unicycles on sale. Hammacher Schlemmer has recently listed one on its website, and commuters are highly recommended to check it out.

Self-balancing electric unicycles employ gyroscopes to keep anyone riding them in perfect balance. Now they’re commercially available thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer, but there are a few details people should learn before spending their money on such a vehicle.

As mentioned in the title, such an unicycle would be perfect for anyone who is commuting in urban areas. On top of that, it’s ideal for suburban recreation. However, due to the limitations it has, the self-balancing electric unicycle couldn’t be used for long distances, nor in very crowded areas. Since it is electric, it relies on a battery to function. Fully charging the battery requires three hours, and at full capacity the battery ensures a ride of two and a half hours. Of course, this might differ from one person to another, since we don’t all have the same weight. In fact, the unicycle in question can withstand a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

The speed of this vehicle is not out of this world, but it should suffice. More precisely, it reaches a maximum of 13 miles (approximately 21 km) per hour. If your need for speed is greater than that, then I suggest looking into other options.

Because of its small dimensions, the self-balancing electric unicycle can be easily placed in the back of your car, no matter if it’s a very small car that we’re talking about. The picture above exemplifies how this briefcase-sized vehicle fits in the back of a Smart.

After placing the feet on the pads found on each side of the unicycle, the gyroscopic sensors will detect their movement and steer accordingly. The robust ABS case hides the 500-watt motor and the wheel that measures 16-inches in diameter, out of which only 4 are visible on the outside. Leaning forward or backward will determine the unicycle to accelerate or decelerate, pretty much in the same way that a Segway works.

Anyone wanting a self-balancing electric unicycle will have to go to Hammacher Schlemmer and pay $2,700. It might seems a bit steep, but given the technology that’s involved and that not many people own such a vehicle, it’s probably worth paying the price.

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